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Health food and wellness content for travelers…


Corey Angelo, Founder/CEO of Wanderfuel (carefully curated, seasonally rotating boxes of organic products alongside lifestyle content that educates and supports well-being while traveling) joins John Matson and Bess Chapman in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.


In this episode:

  • How wellness touches us at all times, taking care of yourself
  • Educating people with a great content experience, and how it makes travel better
  • Bringing together healthy snack and amenity kits in environmentally friendly packaging
  • Wanderfuel‘s core ethos includes nourish, relax, detox
  • Meditation, podcasts, intent to become like a Netflix-like safe list of things tailored for type and length of travel
  • The biggest wellness snafu on the road and being disconnected from regular wellness routines, committing to rituals and practices each day
  • Maintaining rituals on the road
  • Something about being on the road where you let go of being healthiest — how do you get people to carry it with you?
  • Coaching yourself, how you’ll feel after, and combining it with interesting and fun content experiences
  • The travel industry is investing in its consumer
  • Working closely to scale offering including with American Airlines, wellness zones in major airports, livening up atmospheres, and working with strong partners
  • Angelo’s “Zen place”, and pole vaulting
  • Inspiration and a moment of exhale when training for a marathon
  • The moment it all clicked
  • Staying curious, exploring more

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