Fuel To Take You Further

Since 2016, we’ve been carefully curating the best in wellness, vetting hundreds of products with travelers needs in mind. Whether you need energy, a good night’s rest or simply to relax- we have you covered. We put all our energy into curating an experience to help you feel balanced—no matter where your travels take you.

Our Process

Our curated wellness offerings feature the most delicious and healthy products, so you feel like you're indulging without the aftermath. Rooted in holistic health principles, Wanderfuel kits feature a system of nutritionist-designed benefits that help counteract the negative effects of travel, and leave you feeling your best. We source all natural and organic products because we are invested in the health of our community and planet. We use recycled, minimum waste packaging, in travel-ready formats for people on the go.

Our Standards

We believe you can have it all, and are building a platform you can trust through authenticity across our entire supply chain. Our global supplier partnerships with the leading wellness brands have been carefully vetted by our team of experts, so instead of worrying about how you’ll feel when you land, you can enjoy the journey.

Our Founder

Corey Angelo founded Wanderfuel out of frustration with the lack of healthy options when traveling. She saw an opportunity to create an offering for the modern traveler which nourishes the body and mind, and set out to bring a better offering to travelers, directly where they need it most.