300g of pure marine collagen with 100% arabica coffee roasted in Colombia.

- 45 calories / 10g of protein per serving (scooper)
contains caffeine (2.35g)
sustainably sourced non-gmo tilapia
gluten free
dairy free
made in the USA
clinically proven
Our coffee tubbies are not formulated with probiotics or biotin.

After the age of 25, your body starts to lose its ability to produce collagen, this super-protein that makes up over 75% of your skin, hair, nails, bones, and muscles. Without these gatekeepers of hydration and moisture in your skin and hair cells, you may have started seeing things like wrinkles, dark circles, and thinning hair.

However, drinking our marine collagen daily for 2-4 weeks is clinically proven to replenish you at the cellular level for stronger skin and thicker hair.

Sourced from tilapia skin, our marine collagen is clinically proven to increase skin hydration and firmness, reduce wrinkles, and decrease joint pain in just 4 weeks.

In addition, our collagen is clinically proven to:

— Strengthen and quicken hair growth
— Aid cell and muscle regeneration 
— Improve bone and joint health

Collagen, as a complex protein, contains 18 out of the 20 amino acids that our bodies depend on everyday for various functions of our body, especially in maintaining the health of our skin, hair, brain, bones, teeth, nails, heart, organs, muscles, and even joints (collagen is the go-to medication for those with joint and bone diseases).

  • Made of Premium 100% Pure Arabica Colombian Coffee, “the richest coffee in the world “

  • Taste: Medium Roast. Well balanced, smooth bodied, rich flavor, fruity acidity with notes of citrus 

  • Aroma:  Sweet (fruity), caramel, cocoa

  • Milling Process:  Washed, sun-dried. Advanced technology (in soluble coffee production) enables the preservation of aroma and exceptional taste without adding any chemicals or preservatives 

Add 1 tbsp of the mix to 1/4 cup of water and watch it turn into like an espresso shot. Le the coffee "brew" for 30 more seconds. Add more cold water to taste. Then, add oat milk and sweeteners (my favorite is monk fruit and drops of vanilla).

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